vietnamese seafood salad?

January 17, 2014

Question by luvluvtri: vietnamese seafood salad?
omg…it tastes sooo good…can someone tell me what the ingredients and steps are on how to cook a vietnamese seafood salad??plzzzzz…

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Answer by sjcfish
You need:
Ingredients for salad:
5 grams of egg noodle
half bunch of fresh coriander
15 grams or handful of wombok Chinese cabbage
5-10 grams or handful of bean sprouts
5-10 grams or handful of snow pea shoots
1/4 bunch or about 20 leaves of mint
1/4 bunch or about 20 leaves of Vietnamese mint
Any kind of seafood – prawns, bugs or fish

Ingredients for salad dressing: (Makes enough for four salads)
100 ml lime juice
100 ml fish sauce
100 ml lime sugar syrup
2 long red chilli (seeded)
75 ml peanut oil
25 ml sesame oil

Blend salad dressing ingredients with a bar blender.

Combine salad ingredients. Pour over salad. Toss salad and then garnish with fried onion

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