Lacto ovo vegetarian meal ideas?

January 17, 2014

Question by Jake is lost: Lacto ovo vegetarian meal ideas?
I have recently made the choice to become a lacto ovo vegetarian, which means i still drink milk and dairy products and eat eggs but i no longer eat meat. I have a very low budget and was wandering if anyone could help me with some easy but nutritious meal plans. I am in school for lunch and packing a salad everyday for lunch would be a bit of a hassle, so any suggestions or ideas would be very much appreciated.

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Answer by Black Aliss
You could cook on the weekends, prepare all of your greens at once, wash dry (or spin) & gently tear (don’t grab & rip) store in an air tight bag with a bit of paper toweling to absorb moisture. This will make salads a lot less of a hassle on hectic mornings.

Hummus wraps are great for lunches, take flat-bread or tortillas and fill with hummus, sprouts, feta cheese, olives, dark green lettuce, & cucumber.

Fresh fruit & yogurt is a great option.

There are some convenience foods that are veg & healthy but they are few & expensive, such as soy “lunch-meats.”

Hard boiled eggs are cheap & egg salad is easy to make just smash an egg with a fork toss in some mustard, mayo & pickle relish, put that in a pita pocket, or on the bread of your choice.

Get a thermos to take to school to fill with yummy veg soups & pasta. Bow-tie pasta, spinach, feta, black olives & Italian salad dressing makes a yummy veg. pasta salad.

My favorite sandwich is the tempeh ruben. toast rye bread, split a tempeh slab in half and then slice the square in half to make 2 thin squares, top with sauerkraut & swiss cheese, heat until warm in a broiler or toaster oven.

Veg Pizza is always an option take a slice of crusty bread top with tomato sauce, cheese & red onion, peppers, olives mushrooms and any other favorite veggie.

Roasted root vegetables are always nice ie. carrot, sweet-potato, russet potato, beets, rutabaga etc. broiled & eaten cold later is a tasty treat.

Sweet Potato-Jalapeño soup is nice too
roast 3 med sweet potatoes allow to cool, blend ( in a blender or food processor) with grilled or roasted or fresh Jalapeño peppers seed removed 3 c veggie broth & some half & half to make it creamy. I don’t know how much you like spice, so you will have to decide how many peppers to add. Fresh peppers will be hotter /broiled or grilled will be sweeter. Add salt to taste. You may need to add more broth to thin the soup if it is too thick. Roasted garlic makes an excellent spread on crackers or as an additive to any food.

Cheese & crackers with a side of celery sticks or carrot sticks. are a quick lunch;

hummus & crackers with veg, you can dip the veg in the hummus too.

peanut butter & banana sandwiches on whole grain bread

If you are making changes to your lifestyle, you should expect that there will be work involved. Being veg on a budget is a lot more labor intensive than eating the traditional western diet.

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