Antinutrients, in plants?

January 19, 2014

Question by CoopALoop: Antinutrients, in plants?
I was just wondering what you guys do (if anything) about all of the acids (nutrient)+enzyme inhibitors found in the plants you eat.

Personally, I cook my dark green leafy vegetables so as to neutralize the Oxalic acid in them (Prevents absorbtion of minerals).
I also soak all of my grains and nuts in either whey or lemon juice to neutralize phytates and other anti-enzymes.
The only way that I will eat soy is the three traditionally prepared ways (miso, tempoh?, and I can’t remember the other way). The only way that all of the anti-nutrients are ridded in the soy is through those three traditionally prepared foods.
And finally I eat a lot of fermented vegetables (increases enzyme consumption).
I do not want this question to be offensive, I was just wondering what vegetarians and vegans takes were on this since, you know, vegetarians and vegans eat more vegetables then most other people. I was just refering to what I did to my foods so that I would not get any answers with what I already know… since yahoo answers should be used to gain knowledge. I would appreciate people to answer question and not bash it please.

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Answer by aditi m
soaking in water, and cooking are the only easy ways to get rid of them

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